Make the retirement you visualise your retirement reality.

We help our clients visualise their retirement turning a complex situation into an easy to understand and visualise outcome.

Our Lyndhurst Vision service helps develop your financial plan enabling you to visualise what your future financial situation may look like, over the length of your retirement and assist you in making more informed decisions about your retirement plans.

It will give you comfort over the sustainability of your investments so you can enjoy your retirement without worrying about running out of money! Lyndhurst Vision is not a one off exercise. We will review your plan as part of your ongoing review process, to reassess your plan in light of any changes to your circumstances and to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.

Pensions may form the bulk of your retirement planning but the new reforms in recent budget years might now change the way you view your pension as the vehicle to fund for your retirement. Our retirement planning service will consider all options available to you to help fund and plan your retirement, whilst considering other outcomes such as succession planning and inheritance tax planning.

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Tax Planning

You may not have considered your requirement to apply for protection against the changes to the lifetime allowance. We offer services to consider your needs for protection in order to save tax as the lifetime allowance continues to reduce. This affects people with personal pensions as well as those in company pension schemes.

Using the allowances available to you is an important part of tax planning. In recent years the amount you can contribute into pensions has been reducing. If you are thinking of making a significant contribution it is important to consider whether you can make it sooner rather than later within the current annual allowances.

Withdrawing your pension funds has become increasingly easy to do, however withdrawals are not tax free. If you are thinking of making significant withdrawals it may be worth doing this over a number of years to save income tax.

Approaching retirement and accessing your benefits requires careful thought and consideration. Accessing the resource of our independent financial advisers and our retirement specialists will help you make better financial decisions and enhance your retirement.