Here at Lyndhurst we see the importance of financial advice tailored to our clients’ individual circumstances throughout every stage of their lives. This includes our service “Focus for Women”.

By the way of background, 2016 saw the introduction from HM Treasury of the Women in Finance Charter stating:

The government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across financial services. A balanced workforce is good for business – good for customers, profitability and workplace culture, and it is increasingly attractive to investors

It is proven that women communicate differently and are driven by different objectives.

We agree with this and are proud to have two female registered financial advisers heading up a dedicated team, focused on financial advice for women and the different scenarios that this may bring. We understand the importance of family and financial independence and can offer jargon free communication with specialist experience in situations such as divorce.

It is our aim, as always, to ensure all clients, including women, have the advice and guidance they need for a happy, successful and secure financial future using the well established Lyndhurst principles. You can contact us directly on 01582 769 980.

Lyndhurst Financial Management - Pensions and Divorce

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Meet our Focus for Women team of talented and dedicated advisers, technical assistants and support staff – we’re here to help you make better financial decisions.

Focus Areas

Lyndhurst Financial Management - Focus For Women

Divorce And Separation Specialists

Most women when faced with divorce have difficult decisions to make, it can be a complex process to untangle your finances and reach independence. We can help with this. We have experience with pension sharing orders, and understand the process that you will need to go through.

Lyndhurst Financial Management - Focus For Women


Historically women have not had the same pension benefits as men. With the equalisation of the state pension age, workplace pensions, and pension flexibility reforms, it has never been a more important time to speak to an adviser about your retirement savings.

Lyndhurst Financial Management - Focus For Women


More and more women are starting their own business. We can help you plan. Whether you intend to finance the business through savings or borrowing we can be there to ensure your finances are secure and sufficient to enable you to take the leap with confidence.