This more active fund monitoring service is just what some client’s value in order for them to sleep easy at night. It helps to reduce losses and volatility with more frequent fund reviews.

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Enhanced Fund Management

Utilising research conducted by academics in the US and the UK, Lyndhurst developed Prime Fund Management, “Prime”, as a response to the severe drawdown in asset prices during 2008.

Prime is a proprietary trading system based on specific moving averages with judgemental overlay, the research showing that long term returns may be enhanced and volatility reduced by around a third by adopting this strategy.

Our Service

We will build a bespoke investment portfolio for you based on your attitude to risk, from 1 to 10, our asset allocation model and the Prime Fund Pick List.

Each week the funds within your portfolio are monitored against a specific moving average, if the fund price dips below its moving average we will email you recommending the fund be sold with the proceeds held in cash or cash-like instruments

Similarly, when the fund price moves up through its moving average we will email you recommending re-investment or buy.

At the beginning of each month we will send you a market commentary outlining the trends that are impacting on your portfolio.

You will be able to view and value your prime portfolio 24/7 online.

Regular monitoring for buy/sell signals

Clearly identified values at risk

Active advice and preserves capital in the bad times

On reaching indicators, gains can be locked in and losses minimised

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