Making a will is one of the most important actions you will take, although more than sixty percent of the UK population haven’t taken that action- let’s act now.

When we die it is easy to assume that our property and possessions will automatically go to our loved ones when we are gone. However, this is unfortunately not always the case. Without a Will the strict inheritance laws called the Rules of Intestacy apply.

If someone dies without an effective Will, they have died ‘Intestate’. The Rules of Intestacy are very specific regarding who can administer your estate, who will inherit from it and how much they will receive. It cannot be assumed that everything will automatically go to the surviving partner or immediate next of kin.

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By making a Will you can ensure:

  • Exactly who inherits your assets
  • A legal Guardian is appointed for your children
  • Your spouse or civil partner receives what you intended
  • That you avoid delays and disputes when sorting out your Estate

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