Protect yourself against suffering a critical illness and use the policy benefits to pay off any liabilities or secure treatment to aid your recovery.

Lyndhurst are able to offer independent quotes for critical illness cover, life insurance, term assurance, mortgage protection.

We have specialists in this field that can offer advice as to the most suitable life assurance and family protection plans. If you are replacing existing cover or know the cover you require you can go straight to our quote engine to obtain a life assurance quote within minutes.

We are independent financial advisers and can conduct market wide searches for competitive mortgage protection and critical illness cover using our quote portal which has access to the top providers of this cover in the UK. We can offer a full advice service, but if you prefer to look for yourself here are some pointers regarding critical illness cover, not to be confused with terminal illness cover.

Lyndhurst Financial Management - YOUR INSURANCE - CRITICAL ILLNESS

Critical Illness Cover Details

  • Critical Illness Cover can be used to pay off outstanding debts in times of critical illness which often leads to financial hardship
  • Critical Illness Cover can be written on a joint life basis
  • Critical Illness Cover Quotes can offer guaranteed or reviewable rates. You may be taking on affordability and premium risk by taking a reviewable premium
  • Critical Illness Cover can be written with death benefits included or on its own
  • Critical Illness Cover does not have any investment content, you will not recieve any lump sum or refund of premiums at the end of the term if you have not made a valid claim within the term

Lyndhurst Financial Management Limited offer a number of service propositions for all aspects of financial planning and advice.

Note: If you are unsure of the most suitable type of critical illness cover for your needs call us on 0800 435 648 or complete the enquiry form