Lyndhurst Coronavirus Statement (Update 07/12/2021)

We continue to operate cautiously in regards to COVID-19. We are now welcoming some clients back into our offices for meetings if they prefer this method. We encourage you to wear a mask if visiting our offices and use the hand sanitiser provided until reaching our meeting rooms where you can sit behind a screen to talk to your adviser.

However, we continue to adopt video conferencing and telephone meetings for those clients who are unsure about meeting face to face and would prefer to continue relationships from a distance.

Lyndhurst Coronavirus Statement (Update 18/05/2020)

In accordance with the government guidelines released on 11/05/2020, we have completed a risk assessment of our offices and communicated this to staff to ensure we are staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020.

We have provided a certificate for each of our offices and are following the guidelines.

As I am sure you will appreciate, at this time we are not inviting clients into the office as per government guidelines but remain open to assist you remotely via telephone and video conference. Our client portal has proved extremely useful in securely communicating information with clients digitally. If you would like to find out more about this service please contact us.

Coronavirus: help and support for residents

Lyndhurst Coronavirus Statement

In light of the uncertainty we are all facing in our daily lives with the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, I wanted to personally reassure you that Lyndhurst Financial Management has taken a number of steps to ensure we are operationally prepared for the new environment and I want to provide you with an update of developments at Lyndhurst in respect of these unprecedented times.

We have implemented our contingency plans, with a number of our team working from home and at the moment a core team working in each office. Our telephone lines are open and we are here to provide you with the service you would expect. Please call if you have anything you would like to discuss.

The health and safety of our clients and colleagues is of paramount importance and in this regard, we have implemented a policy of video conferencing rather than face to face meetings. In this way, we can ensure that we can communicate effectively with all clients during this difficult time.

For our clients who are due a financial review in the coming weeks it is business as usual. We request all clients not to travel to our offices but to hold the review by telephone or using video conferencing. Our online client portal allows for the secure transmission of electronic documents. If you are not registered for this service please contact us so that we can share the relevant information with you efficiently and safely.

Please contact your financial adviser or support team to discuss any matters in the usual way. We have focused all our efforts and resources to ensure that we do everything in our power to support you in the most responsible ways possible.

We will continue to follow updates and guidance provided by the UK Government and health authorities in the way we operate the business.  Due to our investment in the latest technology, I am confident we can continue to provide our clients with the usual level of service. Our commitment to personal service and levels of customer care is as strong as ever.

There is plenty of coverage in the press regarding the turmoil in the financial markets and while we don’t have a crystal ball we have been here before. Our robust investment process and experienced professionals have served us well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Our regular monitoring of that process will continue during these difficult times. I appreciate these are worrying times for many of us.  Yet it’s important to keep level-headed when faced with a financial crisis.  In such situations, it’s often useful to look back, when trying to make sense of the future.  Markets do, and will, recover.  Over the last 35-years, there have been five occasions when the UK stock market has suffered a bear market, which is a 20% correction from the market’s peak.

While we cannot conclude that equity prices will necessarily be higher in 18 months time, investors with a long-term horizon should remain optimistic.

I sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are well.  Please take care of yourself and those around you.

We will continue to update this page regularly as events unfold.

Kind regards

Martin Corrie

Managing Director