Alan Brown
  • Senior Financial Adviser
  • Diploma in Financial Planning

Current Role

Alan is Lyndhurst’s pension’s specialist dealing mostly with clients in their 50’s approaching retirement and needing advice and guidance on how best to draw from their accumulated pension wealth.

Previous Experience

Alan joined Lyndhurst in 2001 as our Pensions Specialist. Prior to joining he worked with a large pension company for over 30 years.

Alan holds the Diploma in Financial Planning and is fully qualified to give advice on all pension planning including Final Salaries, Personal Pensions, redundancy packages, Annuities and all retirement options including Drawdown.

In addition to this he also works with our corporate clients by setting up group employee benefit schemes and helping plan for auto-enrolment.

Most of Alan’s clients are in their 50’s, approaching retirement and need advice and guidance on how to best draw from their accumulated pension wealth. Typically clients want to know how much tax free cash they can achieve from their pension at retirement and the effect this may have on their income. The options are vast, so it is worth your while seeking professional advice to best suit your circumstances and goals in retirement.


Client Testimonial

Alan had a difficult job sorting out all my different pensions but although it was challenging he advised me in a professional manor and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I felt extremely comfortable with the advice I was given and at no time felt that I was being pushed into buying a product that was not suitable.

Services Provided

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