Our Planet Our Future Sustainable St Albans Week 21-29 April 2018

Our Planet Our Future Sustainable St Albans Week 21-29 April 2018

Lyndhurst Financial Management Supports Our Planet Our Future Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 21-29 April

Leading Hertfordshire independent financial management company Lyndhurst is giving its support to Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 by sponsoring the Our Planet Our Future event on Saturday April 21st.

Sustainable St Albans Week runs from April 21-29, with over 100 events throughout the week for the public and local community to enjoy. The theme is about living more sustainably and supporting the environment and all events are run by local community groups, businesses, faith groups and schools.

Sustainable St Albans Week is organised by a partnership of Sustainable St Albans (formerly Transition St Albans) and St Albans Friends of the Earth, supported by St Albans District Council.

Geoff Newman, Development Director at leading independent financial services company Lyndhurst Financial Management says

We are supporting Sustainable St Albans Week because it’s a cause we strongly believe in. Environmental sustainability is vital to everyone’s future and especially for the younger generation. We can all make a difference, in our homes, our businesses and workplaces, through community groups, schools and lots of other places.

David Attenborough’s incredible Blue Planet 11 series really brought home the devastation that plastic is doing to the oceans of the world and now even our government is trying to halt the use of non recyclable goods such as plastic straws and coffee cups. We need to cherish the environment we are lucky enough to live in and we have the means to do it. Sustainable St Albans will be an inspirational and educational week and we are delighted to be part of it.

The first Sustainable St Albans week was in November 2015, the second in 2016. It won awards from the Mayors Pride Awards (Community Champions and Environmental Champions in 2015 & Environmental Champions in 2016).

Spring Clean Your Finances Says Lyndhurst Financial Management

Spring Clean Your Finances Says Lyndhurst Financial Management

Spring Clean Your Finances Says Lyndhurst Financial Management

The sun has arrived, the days are longer, the flowers are in bloom, the trees are turning green and it’s the start of a new tax year. Yes, Spring is here at long last, the Beast From The East has departed and the forecast for the summer, at least weather wise, is pretty good.

The sense of wellbeing and optimism we feel at the end of a long grim UK winter presents the perfect time to do a good spring clean of not only your home and wardrobe, but also of your finances.

Geoff Newman, Development Director at leading independent financial services company Lyndhurst Financial Management says

With renewed energy and the start of a new tax year it’s a good time to review your finances and your assets, whether that’s your property, investment portfolio, pension, mortgage and any other financial commitments you may have.

While there are murmurings of a rise in interest rates have you got the best mortgage for your needs? If you are thinking of moving, especially if you are ‘downsizing’ how can you get the most benefit from the sale of your property?

We’ve got over 25 years of experience and expertise in helping people to make the best financial decisions in order to secure the financial future for themselves and their family. It’s a good idea to review your finances at this time of year and we can offer the best independent professional advice to ensure that you are making the most of your money and your assets.

To book a free consultation with a financial advisor call us on 0800 435648

Divorce Settlements – Focus for Women

Divorce Settlements  – Focus for Women

Divorce Settlements – How Focus for Women at Lyndhurst Financial Management Can Help Women Make The Best Financial Decisions

The divorce is finalised, the decree is absolute, the separation complete and the financial settlement has been agreed. With 42% of marriages currently ending in divorce, this is a situation that many women find themselves in.

However, while some divorcees are already adept at managing their finances, for others who are used to shared assets and having a husband who handled most of the bills and family finances they can find themselves in totally new and quite scary territory.

BBC TV will soon be showing a new series, The Split, which focuses on the life of a divorce lawyer and her children. According to the Sunday Times magazine and the series writer Abi Morgan, divorce law is an area dominated by female lawyers and London is considered the divorce capital of the world because women, especially those in ‘mega’ divorce claims, get the best deals over here.

Johanna Haigh, a Financial Adviser at Lyndhurst Financial Management says

We set up our Focus for Women department because we wanted to offer a specialised service for women who find themselves in either unfamiliar circumstances because of a divorce or an inheritance, or if their career is thriving and they want to plan for pensions and investments to make the most of their income.

Our aim is always to help our clients make better financial decisions for themselves. Our expertise is in guidance and knowing the financial marketplace inside out. It’s vitally important for women to prepare and secure their financial futures, whether they are married, single or widowed. Very often children are involved and the stress of separation or bereavement can be overwhelming if you also have to think about finances and budgets, perhaps for the first time in your life.

We are very friendly and welcoming and we provide a free initial no-obligation consultation so that our clients can feel comfortable talking about their finances without making any commitment. Whatever the situation, where finances and assets are concerned we would always recommend that people get professional advice.

Lucky Lottery Winners – How To Deal With A Financial Windfall

Lucky Lottery Winners – How To Deal With A Financial Windfall

How To Deal With A Financial Windfall

It must be every teenager’s dream. When Canadian teenager Charlie Lagarde bought her first scratch card lottery ticket to celebrate her 18th birthday it turned out to be one in a million as she won an incredible $1 million Canadian dollars (£550,000,US$ 780,000) at her first attempt.

Charlie was offered the choice of taking the $1 million Canadian dollars as a lump sum or receiving C$1000 tax free a week for life. She sensibly chose the $1,000 a week option, which would be a very generous sum of money for any teenager. If Charlie lives to her eighties she will have received over $3million during her lifetime from her win, which, despite inflation, still makes it appear to be a good option.

Geoff Newman, Development Director at leading Hertfordshire Financial Services company Lyndhurst Financial Management says

I certainly think Charlie has made a wise decision as the temptation to spend spend spend when you receive a windfall can be overwhelming for many people. I think it’s vitally important to take professional advice in any circumstances when you come into a lot of money, whether as a lottery or competition winner, cashing in a pension or receiving a substantial inheritance.

For some people they may prefer a lump sum of money to pay off any debts, their mortgage or to make their own investments. Everyone’s personal circumstances are different but I think for a young woman who is still a teenager and very much starting out on her adult life, choosing the weekly payment is a sound decision and prevents her from spending all of the money in just a few years. As we have seen in the past, it’s very easy to do if you don’t have good advice that will enable you to take financial control and secure your future.

I think in essence she’s done the right thing for herself, although it may mean that in the very long-term any beneficiaries of her will would only get something from her lottery win if she invested some of the C$1000 per week.

More Women Seeking Professional Financial Advice

More Women Seeking Professional Financial Advice

More Women Seeking Professional Financial Advice Says Lyndhurst Financial Management

Although the majority of women seeking financial advice still tend to do so after divorce, bereavement or any other life changing experiences, there is a definite trend for women, especially those who work or run a business, to focus on their financial security and future.

Johanna Haigh, a specialist Financial Adviser in the Focus For Women team at Lyndhurst Financial Management, one of Hertfordshire’s leading financial advice and planning companies, says

“”We have definitely seen an upturn in enquiries from women seeking our advice to help them with financial decisions about their future. Encouraging women to make their own choices and to make greater use of their finances in later life is very important to us.”

“It’s great that we are seeing more and more women, especially at a younger age, seeking advice, however confidence can still be a big issue. Historically we have often seen divorce or a bereavement as a trigger for women to start enquiring about financial advice but this doesn’t need to be the case anymore. We like to give our female clients the confidence to make their own financial decisions. It’s not only empowering, it can also be a way to protect yourself from the unexpected and ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.”

The statistics are shocking, as highlighted in a feature from Professional Adviser magazine. Although women are more likely to save than men, the average ISA for women aged 25-34 is £5,516 while for men of the same age it’s £6,180, a 17% difference.

Pension pots are far worse. By the age of 65 the pension pot for women averages £35,700 while for men it’s £179,091. Child care benefits can take as much as £23,000 of the pension entitlement of higher earning women.
As women tend to live longer than men there are also serious implications in the cost of care homes. The average care home cost for women aged between 65-74 is £132,000 representing a 4 year stay as opposed to men, whose costs tend to be half because their average stay is two and half years.

Johanna concludes

“We like to give our female clients the confidence to make their own financial decisions. It’s not only empowering, it’s also a way to protect yourself from the unexpected and ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for as long as you live.”

Priory School Women in Business Careers Fair

Priory School Women in Business Careers Fair

Lyndhurst Financial Management, one of Hertfordshire’s leading independent financial advice and planning companies, attended the Priory School Women in Business Careers fair to help promote the finance industry to young women. The event was part of International Women’s Day and was aiming to promote careers in typically male oriented industries.

Johanna Haigh, one of Lyndhurst’s Financial Advisers who works with the company’s Focus For Women team said:

“The Priory School is very interested in forming relationships with business mentors for its students and the intention of the Careers Fair was to demonstrate to students the various roles that women actually have in business and to break down stereotypical perceptions about the kind of jobs that women can do.


“There was so much interest from the students and with Charlotte from our Harpenden office we talked to lots of young boys and girls about our services and how we help people to make better financial decisions.
“It’s great to have had an opportunity to talk to young people about the financial services sector and they were all so keen to learn. Finances in general are such an essential and important part of their education but sadly not something that the national curriculum includes. I think the Women in Business Careers Fair was a great idea and really helped to break down many perceived barriers for young girls to enter any industry they are attracted to as long as they develop the skills that they’ll need.”

Johanna Haigh can be contacted at Lyndhurst Financial Management’s Hitchin office on 01462 441100 or mobile:07896 651641

Lyndhurst Financial Management Supports International Women’s Day 2018

Lyndhurst Financial Management Supports International Women’s Day 2018

Lyndhurst Financial Management, one of Hertfordshire’s leading financial planning and advice companies, is fully supporting International Women’s Day 2018, with its campaign theme of #PressforProgress to encourage greater global gender parity.

The company set up its own financial initiative, Focus For Women, in September 2016 with a team of top female financial advisers, paraplanners and administrators who specifically offer support to the company’s many female clients.

Victoria Seabrooke, a Financial Adviser and Pensions Specialist says “We recognised that women of all ages can benefit from sound financial advice as many females want to create and be responsible for their own financial security”.

According to International Women’s Day 2018, the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report stated that gender parity is over 200 years away but we believe it can happen within this generation. There are now so many motivated women worldwide who are inspired by such campaigns as #MeToo and #TimesUp. At Lyndhurst we acknowledge the importance of female equality and equal pay, which BBC female news presenters recently brought into the spotlight in their pay gap row with the Corporation.

Our message is that women can empower themselves by becoming financially independent and our Focus for Women team provides an individual personal service to ensure that our female clients get the advice that they need to help them make better financial decisions.

International Women’s Day 2018 says that despite a global response to the sexual harassment campaigns and pay gap reviews, women must not be complacent. Their message this year is for a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity, hence #PressforProgress, enabling and encouraging women globally to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

International Women’s Day is not a country, group or organisation specific. The day belongs to all groups collectively everywhere and the intention is to accelerate gender parity in #PressForProgress.

Lyndhurst Financial Management App

Lyndhurst Financial Management App

The Lyndhurst Financial Management App is your essential FREE download providing powerful financial tools accessed directly from your ‘phone or tablet 24 hours a day.

If you are interested in your Financial future, this indispensable App is for you.

Our App has been thoughtfully designed with a intuitive dashboard to put critical financial information at your disposal in a convenient, easy to use package.

You will discover a powerful suite of 10 useful calculators that you are FREE to use at any time.

  • Annuity Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • Credit Card Payment Calculator
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator
  • Stamp Duty Calculator
  • Second property Payment Calculator
  • Share Stamp Duty Calculator
  • Pension Cost Calculator
  • Lump Sum Investment Calculator
  • Compound Interest Calculator

The App also provides instant access to the latest Tax tables, all without leaving the App environment.

  • Income Tax
  • Pensions
  • Inheritance Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Stamp Duties and Property Taxes
  • Tax Efficient Investments
  • Diverted Profits Tax
  • Non Domiciles
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Air Passenger Duty

Keep up to date with everything Financial by browsing our Free Magazines and Guides directly from our App.

Click Financial News, and we provide a regularly updated, in depth series of articles to help you make better financial decisions.

It’s easy to contact the Lyndhurst Team within the App, as well as upload your documents for your advisor, simply by photographing them via your phone.

As a client of Lyndhurst you can expect more than just good quality financial advice. We will look after your financial affairs throughout your life and form a relationship which provides strength when it comes to those important life changing decisions we all have to make.

With the launch of our App we have created an efficient, and convenient way to reach out to clients existing and future.
You can download our FREE App for your device from the following links:

IOS Link: Click here
Android Link: Click here

Clone Firm’ Alert

Clone Firm’ Alert

We are alerting our clients of a current and convincing scam in which unauthorised ‘Clone Firms’ are contacting people offering investment opportunities in the name of genuine FCA authorised firms.

These fraudsters use their own, seemingly legitimate, contact details and may quote legitimate Firm Reference Numbers.

A ‘Clone Firm’ that has been brought to our attention via a Lyndhurst client, with an investment opportunity too good to be true, is claiming to be Investec Asset Management Limited. Upon investigation, we have identified these fraudsters who approached our client directly via email and prevented them from deceiving our client further.

Below are the details they may use:

  • Investec Asset Management Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
  • Address: Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5HA (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm’s Address)
  • Telephone: 020 3642 2707, 020 7097 1362
  • Fax: 0872 113 2293, 020 7097 1363
  • Email: clairegreen.investec@europe.com, info@investec-group.co.uk

Be aware that the scammers may give out other false details or mix these with some correct details of the authorised firm.

Reporting a Clone Suspect

If you suspect you have been approached by an unauthorised clone firm please contact your adviser or call our offices before making any investment decision.

Hitchin Office Relocation

Hitchin Office Relocation

Office Relocation

We are pleased to announce our office at 35 Bridge Street, Hitchin has now relocated to 28 Bridge Street, Hitchin with the same post code, SG5 2DF.

If you need to find us we are on the same side of the street about 50 yards nearer the Park Street roundabout.

Being close to our original location was important for us to ensure there was no disruption to the service we provide you, we have taken our telephone number and IT infrastructure so there is no change in how you contact us.

The new office is a ground floor location and is a larger premises allowing us to grow the business and recruit more staff as required to support our service to you.

We look forward to welcoming you at our new premises, pop in and see us if you have time.

Find our new Hitchin office here:

28 Bridge Street, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 2DF